Camellia Glen has sold and we are moving on!

Camellia Glen has been sold and we are moving out.
As from today, 13 December 2021, we will not be doing plant sales to the public.

It’s the end of an era for us – 23 1/2 years – growing and selling camellias – particularly – and in the past azaleas and vireya rhododendron. We have been proud to make available not every camellia known, but still one of the best ranges of sasanqua, japonica, hybrid, Reticulata and species camellias in the country. Our gardens have been to home to over 400 camellias, rhododendrons, magnolias, azaleas and contains one of the more extensive Camellia collections in the country, as well as a range of rare and unusual plants.

It’s been fun, it’s been hard work, we have met great people and made many good friends; we have enjoyed travel to camellia congresses and many camellia gardens in Australia, as well as a few International Camellia Society Congresses – in Portugal and Spain, Brittany in France and Dali China. We plan to stay involved with the ‘camellia community’ in the future; the website will continue as an information source.

Thank you to all our customers – it’s been fun.
We do get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of our camellias in gardens from Adelaide to Atherton and everywhere in between, and we hope that these bring joy to gardeners and garden visitors each year when these beautiful plants start to flower.

Darryl and Steph.

Camellia clearance sale – now – for a short time – until sold

Camellia Glen still has camellias looking for new homes – while stock lasts – and while we last.

All plants in 140mm pots and $10 – no eftpos
Lots of sasanquas for sunny spots, hedges and screens, japonicas, hybrids and reticulatas for part shade.
Species camellias – for the first time, we are selling off the remainder of our camellia species collection – included nitidissima, Euphlebia, Pingguoensis/concinna, miniature white flowered hybrid (unnamed), Crapnelliana, ‘elephant mountain’ (a strong growing white single flower), – all $25.
A small number of larger potted (200 – 250mm pots) camellia japonicas – all part of our collection – $25.
A diminishing number of Vireya rhododendron, also part of our collection – $25.

Whether you want one, 10, 100 or in between – give us a call 54450333 to make a time to visit.

Palmwoods – Sunshine Coast .. details on the website.

Camellia Glen is closing – lots of camellias available for sale – now

After 23 years here, we are selling the property and nursery and we are moving on. All plants are being sold – lots of sasanquas, japonicas, hybrids and some reticulatas and species camellias – all at a special price of $10 – until sold.

Our collection camellias – some in 200mm pots and some in 250mm pots are being sold also. Ask us for prices – starting $20 to $30.

Whether you want 1, 10, 100 or several hundred – call us to make a time to visit – 54450333. Some varieties sold out already – but still the best range of camellia varieties around.

Camellia Glen – Open again – 3, 4 and 24, 25 September 2021

Camellias – need some?

Opening times – because people are asking – after a little break – we will open again Friday 3 and Saturday 4 September and Friday 24 and Saturday 25 September 2021.
8.00 to 3.00 – as usual.
No eftpos and byo carry bags.
Lots of camellias still available – we are out of some. 140mm pots – $14.
Need some help? Ask….

Not many camellias to see in the garden – most are just about done – which is pretty normal for us here. Retics will still have some flower and many vireyas are in flower.

Closed Friday 13 August – Open Saturday 14 August 2021

Unfortunately, due to other commitments, we will not be open tomorrow Friday 13 August as planned. Apologies for the inconvenience – however we will be open Saturday 14th – 8.00 to 3.00.

We have lots of camellias – sasanquas, japonicas, hybrids and a rapidly reducing number of species and retics. Sasanquas are finished flowering and many of the japonicas are past their best. But the retics are in full flower.

Come visit – walk the garden – check out still one of the largest ranges of camellias around. We are happy to help with your selections – just ask.

It will be a good day. COVID rules will apply.

Open days COVID cancelled

Our planned open days this Friday and Saturday 6 and 7 August 2021 we regret won’t happen. We have made this decision in light of the COVID lockdown and travel restrictions.
When lockdown ends and travel limits are lifted, we will reopen. Our next planned day is Saturday 14 August. Other times, please contact us on 54450333 to arrange a time to visit.
We still have lots of camellias available – all in 140mm pots – all $14, retics and species $18. No eftpos and please byo carry bags.
Lots of sasanquas for hedging or for a garden specimen – or 2 or 10 or more. Sasanquas are sun hardy.
Japonicas and reticulatas and hybrids always prefer shade to perform at their best in our subtropical climate.
We are happy to help you with your selection process.
Stay home – stay safe…

Camellias sale – Garden to wander

Just a reminder that we will be open this Friday 25 and Saturday 26 June 2021 – 8.00 to 3.00.

Wander the garden – lots of camellias in flower – we have over 400 in our garden – and some rhododendron and magnolia and others.

Lots of camellias available for sale – sasanquas, japonicas, hybrids and a small number of Reticulata and species. These are all in 140mm pots – $13. No eftpos. Please Byo carry bags.

We do have over 150 different varieties available. Probably one of the largest selection of camellias anywhere….

Camellia Glen – open Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June – 2021. Picking camellias….

Camellia Glen will be open again this Friday 4 June and Saturday 5 June 2021 – 8.00 to 3.00. We have lots of camellias in flower in the garden and a substantial range of sasanquas, japonicas, hybrids, a few reticulatas and species for sale. No eftpos and please byo carry bags. You are welcome to walk the garden and checkout plants in the nursery.

It is interesting to note the process some folk take in selecting a camellia. Many who are wanting hedges or screens or have a full sun/part shade spot know to select from the many sasanquas ideally suited to this – these are full sun hardy and take to being pruned very well. They also have a fabulous show of flowers in autumn and early winter. See Russhay below one of the many flowering now.

But it is the japonicas where many get caught up with a beautiful single bloom – and just want it. Nothing wrong with that when the right spot is selected for planting. At the risk of being repetitive, here in SE Queensland, we always recommend at least part shade for camellia japonica to flower at their best – because many flowers will sunburn in our ‘hot’ winter sun and flowers will damage and fall prematurely.

Reticulata – sasanqua hybrids – Flower Girl, Dream Girl and Show Girl are among the best garden plants – in our opinion. Large flowers in profusion, full sun hardy and the best display when in bloom. See photos below.

Some japonicas might not be the most spectacular as individual flowers – see Wildfire below – a great semidouble red with a column of yellow stamen – but the bush in full flower is stunning. Cara Mia is another example where folk bypass the individual flower but are stopped by the bush in flower. Pics below. Add Polar Bear – a chalky white semi double Australian variety which is always a winner as a bush in flower – in any garden. It is also a great individual bloom.

There are many varieties that make excellent garden specimens – San Dimas, Grand Slam and Grand Slam Variegated, Susie Fortson, Pink Gold, Emperor of Russia and Variegated, Grand Marshall……. Really too many to mention. But consider the plant when making your selection – look at the growth habit and the show the plant puts on in the garden – not just the single flower in a display.

Of course, single flowers are also important for ‘showing’ blooms – whether in Camellia competitions, the local show, garden club or just for a float bowl for yourself. And in these cases, the more the merrier.

Talk to us about your needs – we are happy to show you plants in our garden – which might make your selection process easier. It might not too – but it will be fun!

Camellias for sale – this Friday and Saturday

Looking for camellias for your garden? Single specimen plants, a few for a garden, a hedge or screen, we have sasanquas for sun, japonicas for shady spots, hybrids, some species and a few reticulatas.

Camellia Glen garden and nursery will be open again tomorrow and Saturday.

All plants are available in 140mm pots and about 20 months old – some 30cm and some 90cm tall – depending on growth habit of the particular variety.

Still probably the most extensive range of camellias you will find – come visit this Friday 28 and Saturday 29 May 2021 – 8.00 to 3.00.

Walk the garden and see some of the 300 camellias in flower. Lots available for sale. No eftpos and please byo carry bags.
52 McKays Lane Palmwoods or call 54450333

‘Open Days’ at Camellia Glen 2021

So at around this time of the year, folks start asking ‘when are you going to be open to the public again – we want some camellias?’

Whereas we are open by arrangement at other times, here are the dates that we are scheduling to be available to the public. The garden will be open for folk to wander, and we will do our best to have all the camellias in the garden labeled. We have about 400 camellias in the garden and the sasanquas have started to flower already and will continue for a few months to about June, and by then the japonicas and hybrids will be flowering as well. These continue until about September by which time the weather has warmed up so that the camellia flowers start to suffer in the heat. The reticulatas are always the last to flower. And then there are plants available for purchase – to add to your garden. This season we have about 150 different varieties. Most of our camellias are in 140mm pots only with a few 200mm pot sizes.

We will be open 8.00am to 3.00pm on these days. The schedule is open to change as circumstances dictate. So here is the plan.

Friday 16 and Saturday 17 April 2021

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 April

Friday 30 April and Saturday 1 May

Friday 7 and Saturday 8 May – open

Friday 14 and Saturday 15 May CLOSED – see us at Pine Rivers Plant Fair Saturday and Sunday 15 and 16 May 2021

Saturday 22 May

Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June

Friday 11 and Saturday 12 June

Maleny Gardening on the Edge is cancelled – scheduled for this weekend – 12 and 13 June

Friday 25 and Saturday 26 June

Sunday 3 July 2021 – see us at the Queensland Camellia Society Show and Sale – MtCoottha Botanical Gardens Auditorium – opens 9.00 to 3.00

Friday 9 and Saturday 10 July

Friday 16 and Saturday 17 July

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 July

Friday 6 and Saturday 7 August

Friday 13 and Saturday 14 August

There may be more – to be confirmed – but we are still open by arrangement at other times. Please call us to arrange a date and time. 54450333. Come and see us …..