Camellia Glen – Open again – 3, 4 and 24, 25 September 2021

Camellias – need some?

Opening times – because people are asking – after a little break – we will open again Friday 3 and Saturday 4 September and Friday 24 and Saturday 25 September 2021.
8.00 to 3.00 – as usual.
No eftpos and byo carry bags.
Lots of camellias still available – we are out of some. 140mm pots – $14.
Need some help? Ask….

Not many camellias to see in the garden – most are just about done – which is pretty normal for us here. Retics will still have some flower and many vireyas are in flower.

2 Responses to “Camellia Glen – Open again – 3, 4 and 24, 25 September 2021”

  1. Michele Cripps

    Hi there, I was chasing a yellow camellia . I planted one in the early nineties at glasshouse but I don’t live there anymore. Do you have any stock?
    I am coming past from Brisbane next Tuesday and coming back on the Sunday
    Thanks Michele

  2. Sorry, we don’t have any of the yellow flowering species camellias available – if that is what you are meaning. If you are after one of the cream flowering japonicas, we have Dahlonega and Gwenneth Morey in 140mm pots. Please call us to ensure we are available – not Sunday.

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