Camellias – and Garden – Open to the Public

It’s getting cooler and the camellias are flowering. What a great time of the year for the camellia fancier. Sasanquas have been flowering for a few weeks now with some still to come – and the early japonicas are showing lots of blooms.

Our ‘open days’ are not fancy affairs – it just means that folk can visit and see the camellias – and the magnolias and Vireya rhododendron and azaleas and others things – in flower. You can wander our garden and perhaps buy some for yours.

We do have arguably the largest range of camellias around here but we often do not have large numbers of the 200 or so different varieties that we have available. We don’t grow every variety in the gallery every season. The ‘early birds’ get the pick of the camellias. Our open days as listed in our February 2020 post are still current. All the shows listed are cancelled except for the Queensland Garden Expo which has been postponed until September – so we will be open here those days instead. As usual, the health controls are in play and we ask people to be patient. We do not usually get more than a couple of visitors at a time which suits us nicely.

We have spent some time over the past weeks fertilising our garden camellias with an organic fertiliser, horse manure and mulch. I know we say that fertilising should be done well before now – but well, if you haven’t done it when you should have, then now is the next best time. We have regularly followed this regime with good results. Now for some rain ….. please.

Come and visit, our 400 garden camellias are looking great. We are open Friday and Saturday 15 and 16 May – and for the next few. Other times, please just give us a call.

Happy gardening – and stay safe.

Japonica Kick Off – an early one

Open to Public hours this weekend

We will be open to the public this weekend from 10am to 3pm. Plant listings are available on our website here. Come along to look or buy, remember we have all of our offered varieties throughout our extensive gardens so it’s perfect for getting inspired and seeing what might be possible in your own garden.