Camellia Glen is closing – lots of camellias available for sale – now

After 23 years here, we are selling the property and nursery and we are moving on. All plants are being sold – lots of sasanquas, japonicas, hybrids and some reticulatas and species camellias – all at a special price of $10 – until sold.

Our collection camellias – some in 200mm pots and some in 250mm pots are being sold also. Ask us for prices – starting $20 to $30.

Whether you want 1, 10, 100 or several hundred – call us to make a time to visit – 54450333. Some varieties sold out already – but still the best range of camellia varieties around.

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  1. Happy for you to visit – please call to make a suitable time. Check our, or other, photo gallery and make a short list of what flowers appeal. Keep in mind that you should select sasanqua camellia for a mostly sunny position and select japonicas for shade. Japonica flowers are prone to sunburn in our warm autumn/winter sun.
    Happy to help with selection on the day. No eftpos – cash only and byo carry bags, thanks.

  2. Hi

    Very sad to hear about your iconic nursery closing. Is there anyone else who is a specialist camellia nursery in Queensland

    This happened with the Queensland specialist hippiestrum nursery too, which closed neatly 15 yrs ago. All breeding records and stocks gone. Hippies are an unregulated shamozzle now, limited stocks taken on by Victorian nurseries, lots of inaccurate id sales

  3. Thanks for the message. We are not aware of other Camellia specialists locally (Queensland) that have the extensive range of camellias that we have grown over the years. There are a some that are doing limited numbers of varieties. Some tubestock growers (SC local) have taken cuttings and/or plants for stock plants which could mean that many more varieties could be available in the future from them. What they grow will depend on sales – if folk don’t buy them they won’t grow them next season – they have to remain commercial. Many of the varieties we grow are not comercial – but we do it from a ‘hobby’ perspective just so that these varieties stay available – at least to Camellia collectors/fanciers.

  4. Sarah Lewis

    Hey Darryl, are you still selling camellias?
    I’m chasing specifically Laura Walker and Volunteer?
    Going to drive from Brisbane. So would love to know whether you are still open? And whether you have them?
    Thanks so much,

  5. Yes, we have lots of varieties still left – however we have sold out of Laura Walker and we do not grow Volunteer.
    All our camellias are in 140mm pots and are $10.
    Please call us on 54450333 to arrange a time to visit.

  6. Just wondering if you have 1 ea of paradise blush, narumigata, desire, grace albritton and if you do postage to Canberra area & cost for the above if so. Thanks in advance for your reply

  7. Thanks for the enquiry – unfortunately, we have sold the property and we no longer have plants available. (We haven’t done mail order shipments for some time.) Cheers – good luck with your enquiries.
    You could try Camellias r Us in Glenorie NSW – I think Bill Parker is doing mail order….

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