Vireya Listing

Here is a listing of our Virayas. With only a couple of exceptions, we have at least one of all of these growing in our gardens. We have many of these in stock for sale as well.

Variety Description Photo
Anastasia Medium/large, deep orange with rich yellow centre and throat, bushy & upright View Photo
Apricot Souffle Medium, pastel apricot, tubular flowers, compact, bushy
Aravir Medium, pure white, long narrow tubular funnel shape, wavy-edged, upright bushy, strongly scented View Photo
Archangel Large, fragrant, delicate blush primrose, turning pink with age, compact medium bush View Photo
Asutasan Medium, Deep Orange/Red flowers, full truss, bushy to 1.5m View Photo
Aura Magic Medium, pale cream ageing to light pink edges, large truss, free flowering, bush to about 2 m, fragrant View Photo
Barbara Alan Medium, flowers soft pink with yellow throat, bushy View Photo
Beejay Bay Large, strong velvety burnt orange, yellow centre, open upright bush View Photo
Birat Red Small/medium, solid soft luminous red, stamens red, 12 truss, bushy compact View Photo
Blaze of Glory Medium funnel, brilliant red, yellow centre, compact growth View Photo
Blondi x Pastenello Medium flower, solid primrose yellow, flared trumpet, upright open bush View Photo
Bob’s Choice Medium, solid soft pink, medium bushy shrub View Photo
Bob’s Crowning Glory Medium/large, strong purplish pink, upright open shrub, fragrant View Photo
Bold Janus Medium, light yellow edged peach, darkening with age, tubular funnel, strong upright View Photo
Bravado Large, deep orange red with yellow centre, strong, tall and upright View Photo
Brilliantine Medium, brilliant deep red, full truss, spreading bushy View Photo
Bulolo Gold Medium, brilliant orange with vivid yellow throat, large truss, medium bush, R.macgregoriae x R.aurigeranum View Photo
Butterfly Blush Medium to large, solid yellow maturing to blush pink edges, large leaf, upright vigorous View Photo
Butterscotch Large, apricot with deep peach throat, small truss, one tube, upright bush View Photo
Cara Mia Medium, cream throat with soft pink edge darling with age, medium trumpet, open bush View Photo
Charming Valentino Small, bright cardinal red bell-shaped blooms, low bushy shrub
Clair Medium, strong solid yellow/gold, small bushy shrub to 1 m View Photo
Coral Flare Medium, coral pink, trumpet shaped blooms, spreading bushy growth to 1 m View Photo
Coral Seas Medium, coral red with yellow throat, floriferous, bushy View Photo
Cristo Rey Medium, bright orange with yellow throat, dark anthers, medium bushy shrub to 1.5m View Photo
Crown Prince Large, orange bicolour flower fading to yellow throat, strong upright to 2m View Photo
Dark Eyes Medium, orange red flower with distinctive dark cherry red stamen, bushy shrub View Photo
Deep Heat Medium, glowing shades of vermillion with rose overtone, floriferous, bushy View Photo
Easter Bonnet Large, lemon and blush pink flowers, open wavy petals on a medium open bush View Photo
Fantasia Medium, deep orange with lobes streaked golden yellow to yellow centre, open upright shrub View Photo
Frances Medium, yellow/lime petals, blush pink edge on top of throat, long tubular, small truss, upright open bush View Photo
Gardenia Large, creamy white with pale primrose throat, full truss, strong compact bush to 2m, fragrant View Photo
Gold Bullion Medium, solid deep golden yellow with hint of a darker edge, 5 lobes, medium gold tube, strong bush to 2m View Photo
Gold Coast Medium, yellow orange ageing to burnt orange edges, short throat, dark orange filament and dark angers, large truss, medium bush View Photo
Golden Bower Medium, solid yellow with darker throat, short stamen, solid golden tube, medium upright bush to 1.5-2m View Photo
Golden Charm Small, apricot and gold in large trusses, young foliage tinged bronze, bushy shrub to 1m View Photo
Goldilocks Small, rich yellow gold edged orange, floriferous, dense bushy foliage View Photo
Great Scentsation Large, deep purplish pink, tubular funnel, bush to 1.5m, fragrant View Photo
Gwenevere Small, palest pink to cream, long trumpet, rose pink styles, compact bushy to 1.5m, fragrant View Photo
Haloed Gold Medium, vivid yellow flowers with thin red/orange halo on edge, bushy 1.5-2m No Photo
Highland Pink Cloud Large, soft pink flowers, small truss, slender throat, upright spreading bush, fragrant View Photo
Hot Tropic Large, yellow to red/orange trumpets, yellow throat, medium shrub View Photo
Inferno Small, vivid burnt orange, dark stamen, floriferous, bushy shrub to 1.5m View Photo

Every endeavour is made to keep our list up to date. Not all varieties are available for sale every year and some may not be available because we do not consider that the plants are sale ready. For information regarding availability, please email us.


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