More Camellias – nursery open this weekend

The camellias are getting serious – lots of them are flowering. The sasanquas – the Autumn flowering ones – are at the end of their flowering season, but that’s ok because the japonicas have started. We have about 400 camellias in the garden – drop by, wander the garden and take a look. There are vireya rhododendron, some azaleas and the magnolias have started; these all will continue for the next couple of months.

The nursery has several thousand camellias for sale – sasanquas, japonicas, hybrids and a few species – plants for sunny spots and some for part shade – some with really big flowers over 12cm to some with 2cm ones. Over 200 different varieties to choose from, so whereas we do not pretend to have them all – far from it – we can usually find something that you will like.

Our plants are mostly in 140mm pots with a small number of larger pots.

It is a great time to buy and plant camellias as you can see the flowers at their best now. The plants are also in their winter dormancy now, so planting now means that they can get established in their new position before the new growth starts in spring. Watch out for bud grubs at this time of year – these little grubs can bore into your flower buds from the tip and chew the centre of the flower. Stick a fine wire down the holes and squish ’em. Or can also use a grub and caterpillar spray if you prefer. See the website for lots more information on ‘camellia culture’ – all specific for South East Queensland and surrounds.

Get out into your garden this weekend.

Camellia japonica - Shirley Norup - buy one this weekend....

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