Garden and Nursery open to the public – 3rd and 4th July

Our garden and nursery will be open to the public again this weekend – Saturday and Sunday 3rd and 4th July – 8.00 am to 3.00 pm. The largest range of Camellias you are likely to find anywhere as well as an extensive range of Vireya Rhododendrons. Come and enjoy the Camellias in full flower. Hundreds of plants available for sale.

3 Responses to “Garden and Nursery open to the public – 3rd and 4th July”

  1. Anita Van der Maat

    I would like to know how much are your camellia sasanquas in the 140mm and 200mm pots?
    Kind Regards Anita

  2. Hello Steph & Darryl,
    It’s me, Lorraine Pavsic from Wollongong…. I arrived at Forest Glen Today (Tuesday) and wonder can I come to the nursery today or tomorrow I see on your website that you have something at Nambour this weekend but I won’t be here by then. I don’t have your phone number or address but if possible could you call me on my husband’s mobile….. 0412 393 203.
    Thank you.

  3. Lorraine,
    So glad you called because I am seeing your comment only now as we have been quite busy. I do hope you ended up getting some of the camellias that were on your list. Pity you didn’t have more time to wander the gardens. Maybe next time – I’m sure that there are more that you really need…… I think you got a great selection. Thanks, see you again perhaps.

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