Camellias; Vireyas; Michelias; Magnolias; Open Days- Camellia Glen Nursery

For our open days, we will have some 150 different varieties of camellias – sasanquas, japonicas, hybrids, reticulatas, and species; about 50 different cultivars of vireya rhododendron; a small number of michelias, and some seedling magnolias. Not every variety on our variety list is available in any one year, but we will endeavour to have most in most years.

Most camellias are in 140mm pots; there are a small number of 200mm pots. Vireyas are also mostly available in 140mm pots.

There are some 300 camellias in our grounds along with vireyas, magnolias, michelias and azaleas. It is not a show garden, but it gives viewers a good indication on the growth habit of many different varieties, and an opportunity to see plants in flower.

I know a lot of folk have been waiting for our Open Days to commence – we look forward to seeing you.

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