Open Day October 8 and 9 – Vireyas and Camellias

We are open again Saturday and Sunday, 8 and 9 October 2011, 8.00 am to 3.00 pm. We have had a few requests that we open again, so this will give folk another chance to visit.

We have many hundreds of Camellias, shared over about 200 varieties, all putting in new spring growth – all in 140mm pots.

Vireya rhododendron, also in 140mm pots, will be available. Spring is one of the major flowering times for many of the Vireyas and many of our stock and garden plants are in flower. We have over 50 varieties available for this weekend including:

Aura Magic, Barbara Alan, Beejay Bay, Brilliantine, Bold Janus, Butterfly Blush, Charming Valentino, Cristo Rey, Easter Bonnet, Fantasia, Frances, Golden Bower, Golden Charm, Goldilocks, Haloed Gold, Ivory Coast, Jean Baptiste, Jenzelle, Kisses, Laetum, Loranthiflorum x Laetum, Mango Mousse, Mellow Magic, Neesa, Orange Cascade, Orange Flambe, Pink Swan, Pink Dream, Pink Delight, Powerhouse, Richie, Robert Bates, Robert Withers, Sunburst, Sunset Fantasy, Sunset Gold 50, Sweet Rosalie, Toff, Troppo, Tropic Glow, Tequila Sunrise, Tiramisu, Valencia, Very Vermillion.

Numbers are limited for many varieties.

This is the first time we have opened specifically for Vireyas, so we hope we can satisfy the needs of some of you at least.

Haloed Gold

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