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Hello folks, our .com web site and our emails have been out of action for the past week or two which has caused an inconvenience for some of you. Please be assured that we are attending to these issues and our web site and emails should now be working again.

Just a few words on whats happening at the moment. Here in SE Queensland, it is summer and we have had some good rain after an extended dry spell. We have had some really good growth on the camellias which means good cutting material for propagating over the coming weeks.

The Vireya Rhododendrons have flowered well with dozens of varieties in flower over spring and continuing into summer. The rain and warm weather has also produced good growth. Some of our heavy pruning has produced new growth within just a few weeks and we will have better plants as a result. Some of our potted Vireya rhododendron plants we cut back to bare trunks of 20cm (8 inches) and these put on new shoots in just a couple of weeks. I am a lot more comfortable about heavy pruning now to give a better plant.

The Magnolias have put on vigorous growth in spring after their flowering season and now we have several varieties flowering again. Unseasonal, but a wonderful addition to to the colour in the garden.

We have fertilised the garden plants this year, a few weeks ago, just before the rain, and have mulched heavily to keep the soil cool and the moisture in.

A fun time for gardening.

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