Camellia Glen – Nursery and Garden open days

The camellias have started flowering really well…..the sasanquas, the autumn flowering camellias, have been in flower for a few weeks now and are looking great. You can see lots in flower as you drive around town and we saw hundreds as we drove around Maleny and Montville over the weekend. Early japonicas are just started to flower and it looks like it will be a great season…..lots of buds and there is still moisture in the ground after the rain. A few showers of rain are always good for the garden and the camellias especially like it at this time of the year – keeps the flowers fresh.

We will be open this coming Friday 5 May and Saturday 6 May, 8.00am to 3.00pm. For a more complete list of open days, please refer to the previous blog.

First flower for the season….camellia Japonica Speciosissima

Camellia hybrid Bunny Girl

Camellia sasanqua Barry’s Chance.


This is a great time to plant camellias…the plants are largely dormant in that they are not putting on new growth, although after the dry summer and the March rain, a few are making hay and putting on growth as well as flowering. But planting now lets the plants settle in and establish the roots in readiness for the spring growth.

Enjoy the flowers in your garden, and although the sasanqua flowers will shatter and fall in a couple of days, the japonicas can be picked for a vase, or do as we prefer, cut just a short stem ( only 1 cm) and place in a float bowl. These can last well enough for up to a week.

…..and remember, it’s World Naked Gardening Day on Saturday 6 May 2017……… but don’t worry, we won’t be……

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