Camellias … Camellia Glen – open Friday 26 & Saturday 27 May

We have the nursery and gardens open to the public again Friday and Saturday. Sasanquas are still flowering very well and there are more japonicas in flower every day. Come visit…..we have some great plants available……over 50 varieties of sasanqua and about 150 different japonicas including hybrids and higos, as well as a range of reticulata and species. Still the best range of camellias you will see….And we are here most weeks. 

See the previous blog for full details of our open days.

A favourite camellia, and one that we have grown here at Camellia Glen for the past 20 years, is one of the oldest Australian camellias dating back to the 1840s. It is the japonica Aspasia Macarthur – a creamy white, informal double, full flower with ruffled petals, it always has the odd streak of pink somewhere on some of the petals.

Camellia Japonica Aspasia Macarthur

Aspasia Macarthur also has the reputation of producing many sports, with some of those producing their own sports. These include Lady Loch, Can Can, Otahuhu Beauty, Margaret Davis, Jean Clere, Just Sue and Strawberry Blonde. At times you can find Margaret Davis and Otahuhu Beauty flowers on a bush of Aspasia Macarthur. 

These are flowering in our garden today.

Japonica Lady Loch….a sport of Aspasia Mcarthur

Japonica Otahuhu Beauty…a sport of Aspasia Macarthur

Japonica Margaret Davis…..a sport of Aspasia Macarthur

Aspasia Macarthur……with less colour through the petals

Japonica Can Can….a sport of Lady Loch

Jean Clere and Strawberry Blonde are yet to flower this season.

Come and visit.

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