Camellia Nursery and Gardens – open to the public

After a great week last week for our open days and a great show at the Maleny Garden Club ‘Gardening on the Edge’ on the weekend, we are ready for another…..we’re open 8.00 am to 3.00 pm Friday 16 June and Saturday 17 June 2017. And after that Friday 23 June here at the nursery. You can also see us at the Queensland Camellia Society Show and sale on Sunday 25 June at the Peace Hall, 106 McDonald Road Windsor. Doors open there 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Plant sales, camellia bloom display and competition, camellia talks, morning teas and refreshments….$3.00 at the door.

Camellia hybrid Carnival Princess showing two different colored flowers on the same bush at the same time.

Among the 250 odd camellias we have available are some of the unusual and hard to find varieties. We have a great range of the small leaved hybrids that cluster flower….some call them florabunda….including Sweet Emily Kate, Gay Baby, Fragrant Pink, Mandy, Our Melissa, Cinnamon Cindy, Fairy Blush, Fairy Wand, Spring Mist. Some of these are are fragrant as well…the best being the hybrid High Fragrance. Some of the species camellias we have available include the fragrant Rosiflora, Lutchuensis, Miyagii, Grijsii, Yuhsienensis, the small tree Crapnelliana with its extra large seed pods, the tea camellia Sinensis, and sinensis pink. Though not species, the unusual Tarokaja and Isaribi….both fragrant.

Camellia Species Crapnelliana….a small tree to 5 metres

Sasanqua camellias are great for the full sun and will also perform well in a part shade position. Great for single specimens, for hedging and for screens. A wonderfully versatile plant with dark green foliage all year and masses of flowers in autumn and early winter, sasanquas respond exceptionally well to pruning. There are low growers like Shi Shi Gashira, smaller growers like Little Pearl, Bonsai Baby, Mignonne, Silver Dollar, and tall ones like Rose Ann, Enid Alice, Edna Butler, Setsugekka, Exquisite, and the unusual Chojiguruma.

Camellia sasanqua Chojiguruma

Some of the japonicas are we have are old varieties….Alba Plena named in 1797, Aspasia Macarthur 1848, C.M.Hovey 1850, Chandleri 1825, Contessa Woronzoff 1858, Tricolor 1825, Rosea Superba 1843, Sasanquas Shishigashira 1894 and Setugekka 1898…..some are middle aged, Tama No Ura 1975, and some are new, Curramore Jacqueline 2015.

Camellia Japonica Pink Gold …. 1972…. one of the best garden camellias

And that’s just a start………….come visit, walk around our garden, buy some for yours.

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  1. Please read the web site blog for details of open days in July. We are available 1st, 14th, 21st and 22nd. Our objective is to sell plants and many of the special ones are keenly sought after. No guarantees, but we have plenty to choose from.

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