Camellia season

It has been a while since our last blog post.

We have had a bunch of open days over the past months, a number of shows including Maleny Gardening on the Edge, Queensland Garden Expo, the Queensland Camellia Society Show and Sale, the National Congress for Camellias Australia including a visit to our garden and nursery of around a hundred delegates, and we have been open by appointment for the past few weeks. The weekend of 26 August, we will attend the Camellias Australia National Camellia Show in Narrandera. 

We will continue to be open by appointment…please call in advance….and will have another few open days before the season is over….After Narrandera.

We do have a substantial number of camellias…Sasanquas, Japonicas and hybrids… we keep saying, probably the best range you will see anywhere. If fact we are being asked to take plants south for Camellia Society members at the Show. So whether you need just one particular plant, a few, a garden full, or a hundred or so for a hedge, give us a call.

In our garden, the Sasanquas have finished flowering and we have started pruning back in readiness for spring growth…and to allow us to walk between them where necessary. The Japonicas are still flowering and some, like the hybrids Orchid Princess and Nicky Crisp, are just starting. We have several weeks of flowering yet. Our challenge at the moment is the lack of rain….one storm with 17mm of rain in 6 weeks. So the flowers are going soft quickly. You can pick them when fresh and put them in a float bowl……..they will keep for a week or so.

Come the end of August or so, as the Japonicas finish flowering, and before they start putting on new growth, consider pruning any that  you want to contain, fertilise and mulch….and always water in well.

Here are a few camellias in flower in our garden at the moment. Love the bees.

Come and visit, give us a call, we can supply most of your camellia needs.

Camellia species chekiangoleosa

Bees in C. japonica

Bee in C. Japonica Lovelight

Camellia species petalotii

Bees in Camellia japonica Kumasaka

Bee in camellia species lapidea

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