Open again Friday 27 and Saturday 28 July 2018. Camellias for sun, shade, part sun, hedges and screens, fragrant camellias, miniature flowers, heritage varieties and collectibles.

We will be open at 8.00 am to 3.00 pm both days ….. as usual … and available other times by arrangement … just call in advance to arrange. Even at this stage of our season, we have more varieties than most folk ever get to see. We are running our of some varieties, but we will endeavor to find something that suits.

We have lots of sasanquas for those sunny spots, for hedges and screens. These can be shaped and pruned to keep to a height. Some are ideal for low hedges to 1 metre, others will grow 3, 4 or 5 metres. Just ask and we can make a recommendation.

Japonicas make a great statement plant for shade and part sun like the striking red of Little Red Riding Hood. Ask us about the fragrant camellias like Scentuous, Fragrant Pink, Minato no Akebono, Pink Butterfly, species rosiflora, Miyagii, grijsii, lutchuensis.

Heritage camellias like Great Eastern and Polar Bear, oldies like Paolina Maggi, higos Kumagai Nagoya and Shiranui, champion blooms like Royal Velvet, Ecclefield, great garden plants Pink Gold, Martha Tuck, unusual camellias Hakuhan Kujaku, Grape Soda, Shikibu, Walter Hazlewood, Alison Norup and Tama Honie (both Tama no Ura seedlings).

Wander our garden and see hundreds of camellias in flower, and browse through the plants we have for sale. Some of these are getting to find.

Tama Honie … a Tama no Ura seedling

Little Red Riding Hood

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