It’s Summer – what are your camellias doing?

It’s summer – and it has been hot and dry here in SEQueensland. January was reported as being the driest on record. Thankfully, we have been fortunate to have received some 80mm of rain in early February which takes some pressure off the garden plants.

However, some of our camellias have suffered. These are the japonicas that are getting too much sun and are getting foliage scorching/ sunburn, and a couple of more newly planted plants suffering from the roots drying out.

Camellia Japonica leaves showing sunburn

More japonica foliage with sunburn

There is little that can be done after the event – these leaves will fall eventually, or you can prune these out, when the weather becomes a little cooler.

Keeping water up to plants as well as possible is the best we can do. Otherwise, look at the position and decide whether you are happy to suffer the sunburn, or decide to relocate the plant, or give it some shade.

Elsewhere, our camellias are thriving, putting on new growth and now putting on flower buds. Promise of a good camellia flowering season in the coming weeks.

Sasanqua Mikuni Ko – one of our earliest to flower – full of flower buds.

Camellia tarokaja – full of bud

Species Crapnelliana and random japonicas and hybrids in the background, Azalea Alphonse Anderson in the front.

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