Camellias – Friday 26 and Saturday 27 April 2019 – Garden and Nursery Open

This Friday and Saturday are our first official ‘open days’ for this season – although we have had a steady stream of people coming in by arrangement

We will have the best range of camellias that we will have for the season as we do sell out of varieties. Most plants are in 140mm pots with a small number in 200mm pots, mostly sasanquas with a few japonicas and hybrids.

The sasanquas are flowering now and are putting on a good show – the japonicas will follow in the coming weeks.

A few of our sasanquas in 200mm pots

Some of our camellias ready to go – in 140mm pots

Sasanqua Flamenco Dancer

So whether you need one camellia for the garden, a half a dozen for a screen, or a bunch more for a hedge, come visit, see our camellias growing in our garden, and buy some for yours. We have about 50 different varieties of sasanqua and some 150 varieties of japonica and hybrids. Ask us about screening/hedging varieties, ask us about our fragrant small leaf hybrids.

And remember, sasanquas handle full sun but also perform well in part shade; japonicas – in our climate (SE Queensland) – do best in part shade, as the flowers can burn in our winter sun. See our Culture Notes on this web site.

Some varieties to look for:

Alba Plena, Minato No Akebono, Pope John XXIII, Betty Ridley, Cherries Jubilee, Drama Girl, Edna Butler, Erin Farmer, Isaribi, Midnight Magic, Paradise Blush, Polar Bear, Scentuous, Shirley Norup, Star Above Star, Tama No Ura, Yuletide ……..

Camellia Japonica Alba Plena – simply perfection

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