Another big camellia weekend – displays and plant sales

This weekend – Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June – we will be at the Maleny Garden Club ‘Gardening on the Edge’ – Maleny Showgrounds – 9.00am to 4.00pm. See us inside the main hall – we will have an extensive range of camellias – not every one of the 200 varieties we grow – but still more varieties than you are likely to see anywhere else. The nursery will also be open both days as well and we have a bunch more varieties available here. Open 8.00am to 3.00pm both days.

There is a great camellia display in the hall as well as our bloom display.

Come and see us in Maleny or visit us at the nursery in Palmwoods. We have an extensive range of camellias – sasanquas for full sun, for hedges and screens, for individual garden plantings. These give great autumn flowers for 3 to 4 months and attract birds and bees to the garden. We have dozens of different varieties available.

Sasanqua Plantation Pink

Japonicas prefer part shade – flowers, particularly the lighter colored formal double flowers, will burn in the sun – and particularly the morning sun. So pick your spot and plant wisely to get the best results and perfect flowers from late autumn and into winter. Again, these will flower for 3 to 4 months and flowers with stamen showing will attract and feed the birds and bees. These are a great addition to any garden.

Japonica Alba Plena

Then there is the cluster flowering fragrant hybrids – see Sweet Emily Kate, Scentuous, Fragrant Pink, Mandy, Our Melissa, Cinnamon Cindy – other fragrant ones like High Fragrance, Isaribi, Tarokaja, species like Miyagii, Grijsii, Sinensis, Rosiflora.

Camellia species Sinensis – the tea camellia

And if you are really keen, ask us about the yellow flowered species camellias. We have a very small number of seedling camellia Nitidissima – available at the nursery only.

Camellia species Euphlebia – one of the many rare yellow flowered camellias.

Come and visit – see the 400 camellias in our garden – buy some for yours….

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