Camellias – the best flower for a winter garden –

A personal opinion – and while I also love and enjoy other winter flowers – Camellias put on the best show at this time of the year for us.

At this time of the year there is little maintenance – unless you are planting out more – so now is the time to enjoy some of the most beautiful flowers around.

Reticulata Flower Girl – pretty much in full flower

Japonica Extravaganza – a favourite

We are open again Saturday 22 June 2019. We have still an extensive range of camellias – sasanquas, japonicas and hybrids – probably the most you will see in one place. Come visit, wander our garden, see some of our camellias in flower.

For more open days see our previous web site blogs here.

One of the rarer camellia species – Amplexicaulis

Another of the rarer camellia species – Lucii

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