Camellias in the garden – now

Camellia hybrid Maleny – with bees

Our camellia season is in full swing in our garden with the sasanquas just about finished and the japonicas and hybrids full of flower.

So people are asking – when is the best time to plant camellias? – and the answer is – Now! Apart from benefiting from any flowers out now, the plants are largely dormant – that is – not in a growth phase. So planting now allows them to get established in your gardens, the roots growing out into the surrounding soil, and established before the rigors of spring growth, followed closely by what summer throws at us.

Get you Camellias now.

We will be open to the public again this Friday 10 and 11 July – 8.00 to 3.00. This would have been Queensland Garden Expo weekend which has been a casualty of the COVID-19 restrictions. Come and get your camellias directly from us – and you can choose from all our varieties.

Remember – no eftpos, and BYO carry bags.

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