Camellia Glen – nursery and garden – open to the Public – Friday 31 July Saturday 1 August 2020

Our Camellia Glen website has had a few problems recently and has been largely inaccessible. We have addressed some issues and apart from some tweaking, we seem to be back live. Thanks to our support ‘team’…

We will have the garden and nursery open Friday 31 July and Saturday 1 August 2020 – 8.00 to 3.00. We have an extensive range of camellias – sasanquas that can take and love full sun, japonicas which prefer at least part shade to grow and flower at their best in our climate, hybrids, miniatures, fragrant camellias, some species camellias and a reducing number of reticulatas. Most of our stock is available in 140mm pots with a very few random varieties in 200mm pots.

Roam the garden and and nursery, make your selections yourselves or we can assist you. Whether you are wanting one or two plants or a larger number of camellias for a hedge or screen, or perhaps you have created a large garden space and need a hundred plants to fill it – drop by, see our 400 or so camellias growing in our garden, get some for yours.

Remember, our website has most of the information you are likely to need regarding camellia culture, how, when and where to grow them and post planting care. We are still ‘mid winter’ and while we are likely to have some cool days yet, and the westerlies yet to come that dry out our plants, now is the best time to be planting your camellias out in the garden. Let them get established before the stress of new growth in spring closely followed by early summer heat. Hopefully we will get some good spring rain, but meanwhile keep all your garden, particularly newly planted camellias, well watered.

We will have further days where we will be open including 7 and 8 August. Other times, you can call 54450333 to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit.

Get out into your garden and enjoy this beautiful SE Queensland weather.

One of my favourites – Japonica Cherries Jubilee

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