Camellias – Camellia Glen – 2 more ‘open to the public’ events for 2020 – Maleny GC ‘Spring Fair’

We are getting to the end of our camellia flowering season. While we still have dozens of garden camellias full of flower – the reticulatas, many hybrids – Nicky Crisp is a mass of flower – lots of japonicas, all the sasanquas are finished and the early flowering japs are all but done.

We will be open to the public 2 more times this season – Friday and Saturday 21 and 22 August and 28 and 29 August – 8.00 to 3.00. Please remember – no eftpos and byo carry bags. After that – by arrangement – please call 54450333 to make a mutually suitable time. Come visit – and buy a few camellias for your garden. We are planning to be at the Maleny Garden Club ‘Spring Fair’ at the Maleny Showgrounds Saturday 3 October 2020. Past our flowering season but we will will have the best range of camellias you will find.

We say it every year – but it is interesting to see comments from camellia societies ‘down south’ – Sydney and surrounds, Melbourne Adelaide – where their season is now getting into full swing, with one garden planning to open in October. By then, we are all over, the weather is well and truly warming up and too hot for camellias to hold fresh on the bush for more that a day or two. That’s just the way it is.

So for now, we just enjoy the flowers. We have pruned our driveway sasanquas already and will continue with the pruning with the objective of being all done before the spring new growth starts – around September. The reticulatas will start growth first, then the hybrids and japonicas, and finally the sasanquas. As always, don’t prune after Christmas as your camellias will be developing flower buds for season 2021. Any flushes of unwanted growth can be cut back to suit your needs.

Spring also signals growth season and for our camellias to look their best, it it also fertilising time and therefore also mulching time. For best results, scrape away the mulch around your trees, apply the ‘measured’ dose of fertiliser and then re-apply the mulch. Fertilise around the drip line – not against the trunk – and keep mulch away from the trunk too – to help prevent damage. Add new mulch where necessary. Water in well. Fertilising before new growth starts enables the plants to take up the nutrient they need to grow nice plump growth shoots which will give you the best opportunity for good strong healthy growth when the plant is ready. Mulching helps suppress weeds, keeps in moisture and insulates the soil from temperature extremes – and for us that means our hot summer temps.

As the SEQ seasonal westerlies kick in, these dry the air and dry our plants and soil. Water as necessary – check first – stick your finger into the soil – if it is damp under the mulch this should be sufficient. A wetting agent in with the water will benefit if soil, particularly with potted plants, is becoming water repellant. Always follow directions and handle all garden chemicals and fertiliser with care.

Apologies for the ‘no pics’ posts – a technical difficulty. You can also keep in touch through our FB page. Happy gardening – keep safe, keep well.

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