Open to the public – Friday 18 and Saturday 19 September 2020

After a number of enquiries as to when we we will be open to the public again, we have decided to open Friday 18 and Saturday 19 September 2020 – 8.00 to 3.00.

As usual we are available by arrangement at other times – please call 54450333 to make a time.

We will decide on an October date later.

There will be few camellias in flower but we will still have lots of both sasanquas and japonicas/hybrids – in 140mm pots – lots….

We are hoping for rain – the garden needs it.

4 Responses to “Open to the public – Friday 18 and Saturday 19 September 2020”

  1. Hi there,
    Can you suggest a few camellias that will grow approx 3- 5 meters in height but not as wide in part sun. We would like to create a natural style screen along out back fence,
    Kind regards,

  2. Most of the sasanquas will do this – look at Alison Spragg, Setsugekka, Pure Silk, Roseann, Enid Alice, Edna Butler, Russhay, Jennifer Susan, Simply Red, Paradise Hilda, Paradise Glow, Paradise Blush, Paradise Pearl, Dream Lover – there is a pretty long list. Check our website gallery for photos – choose one you prefer.

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